Be More You – New Year Resolutions

My New Year Resolution for 2021 is to Be More Me rather than changing myself.

Happy New Year!

I’m not usually one to make New Year Resolutions as I tend to find they don’t stick. I start off with the best of intentions but in my opinion, the start of a new year isn’t really the right time to be making any major changes. We’re smack in the middle of winter, a time when no-one wants to do much of anything let alone exercise excessively or starve themselves. Winter is a time to wrap up warm, hibernate, and be at peace with ourselves. So while I am ‘technically’ making a New Year Resolution, I’m also NOT. 

Let me explain…

This year, I’m not planning on getting fit, eating less, swearing less or doing anything to change who I am. Instead my aim for 2021 is to BE MORE ME

This year I plan to create things which I love rather than things I think will sell. Strangely ‘selling’ wasn’t my main reason for starting my Etsy store. The aim wasn’t to fill it with things that I thought people would buy but to fill it with things I genuinely loved creating, in the hope that I would find like-minded people to buy them. The sale is a by-product, albeit a very nice one!

Ultimately I want to be more comfortable in every way and I want to stop getting trapped in the vicious cycle of comparison – comparing myself, my work, my business to others. I am not a rainbow-shitting unicorn with a constant ray of sunshine coming out of my rear end and that’s ok

So I’ve decided, as part of being more me, to be more structured in how I approach and engage with social media. I believe that social media is a huge contributing factor to the state of our mental health. It encourages procrastination, comparison and feelings of inadequacy, all things which I suffered from massively towards to tail end of 2020.

So this year I will be…

  • reactivating my phone limit for screen time;
  • reducing passive scrolling;
  • setting specific timeframes for social media marketing;
  • not getting bogged down in how my posts are being received;
  • and actively engaging only with those that bring me joy.

I’m hoping that all this combined will bring me some much needed peace, will uncluttered my mind with unnecessary thoughts and free me to be creative on my own terms. 2020 was a pretty shocking year for everyone, and if we’re completely honest with ourselves, 2021 is unlikely to be much better. So I plan on taking control of what I can and allowing myself to be free to BE MORE ME.

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