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All about Le Cheval Fou, straight from the horse’s mouth (see what I did there?)

I’m Maria, a.k.a Le Cheval Fou. I’m an experienced graphic designer with more years under my belt than I care to admit, and a weakness for stationery, in particular, notebooks (which I always seem to need more of!).

As a graphic designer I have spent my entire working life designing for other people. And even though I have been running my own design business, Tigerlilly Designs, since 2006, the name Le Cheval Fou and the concept for it is something that has been running around my mind the entire time.

Le Cheval Fou provides me with the FREEDOM to choose what I work on and when, to bring CREATIVITY to all aspects of my life, and allows me to not only achieve HAPPINESS but also to share it with others, such as you.

We combine patterns, fun photography and colourful illustration to create our range of original one-off pieces, art prints, and hand-finished and personalised artworks. Everything is created with families in mind and are great for decorating your home, creating gallery walls, brightening your home office (in whatever form it takes!) or child’s bedroom or even sending as gifts. Each piece is made with love and sent from our home to yours.


le Cheval Fou family photo

Excuse our dodgy hair – this was taken during lockdown in May 2020!